Virtual Worlds FLC

Faculty Learning Community on Virtual Worlds (2007-2008)

Virtual worlds are online graphical environments inhabited by multiple users who interact using characters called avatars. These worlds mimic features of the real world, such as gravity, topography, and communication. A faculty learning community is exploring the potential of virtual worlds. The broad goals are to enhance student learning, pursue personal development, and build a community of teacher-learners. Community members include faculty, individuals from the Kaneb Center, OIT, and other appropriate areas. It may also collaborate with groups at other institutions.

Basic information on the community: Overview (PDF) | Participants

Related resources: web links | CoB demo (PDF) | visit Sophia (Second Life)

Specific objectives:

  • Share information electronically via wiki, e-mail list, and virtual space
  • Foment discussion of virtual worlds at Notre Dame
  • Contribute to the development of a Notre Dame space in Second Life
  • Develop three demonstration projects (one each in summer, fall, and spring)
  • Produce a public presentation to share the community's work with the greater campus
  • Create a white paper that outlines opportunities and challenges presented by virtual worlds

This effort is sponsored by the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning and the Office of Information Technologies. Additional funding is being provided by the Center for Creative Computing, University Libraries, and the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Facilitator: Chris Clark, Assistant Director of the Kaneb Center
e-mail , phone 574-631-7434