2016 TA Orientation

Every fall during the week before classes begin, the Kaneb Center offers a two-day orientation to all graduate students who are serving as a TA or preparing to teach their own course.

TAs who attend this event will be well prepared for their first interactions with students, dealing with common teaching dilemmas, leading class sessions, and grading student work.  This event is highly recommended for all new graduate TAs and is also open to returning TAs, postdocs, and other interested graduate students. 

By participating in the TA Orientation, TAs will:

  • be prepared for a successful start to their semester.
  • be introduced to strategies for successful TAing.
  • connect with other TAs and those who can assist them with their teaching.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, August 18; DeBartolo Hall Room 155

12:45 p.m. Registration

1:00  Welcome, introductions, overview of the TA role

1:30 Before the first day, part I

2:30 Coffee break

2:45 Before the first day, part II

3:15 Understanding the Notre Dame Student part I

3:45 Understanding the Notre Dame Student part II - Panel Discussion

Friday, August 19; DeBartolo Hall Rooms 155, 129, and 138

8:45 a.m. Continental Breakfast

9:00 Welcome: Teaching Personas & the First Day of Class

9:35 Breakout Sessions: Grading

10:30 Break

10:50 Breakout Sessions Continued:

Leading Effective Discussions

-- Geared toward Arts & Letters TAs and others who use discussion

Leading Effective Labs and Tutorials

-- Geared toward Science and Engineering TAs

 12:00 Orientation ends

2016 Handouts

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