Overview of Technology for Teaching at Notre Dame

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The best places to find help

  1. Help Desk - 631-8111- tech support, how-to, where to find it
  2. Classroom Support - 631-8778 - "Help! I'm in a classoom and something doesn't work!"
  3. Colleges - Arts & Letters Computing | Engineering & Science Computing | Mendoza IT Group

Every course has access to these tools

Learning Technology Lab - http://learning.nd.edu

Classroom technology - http://learningspaces.nd.edu/

  • Presenter - computer (Windows and Mac), laptop hookup, DVD player, document camera - controlled by a touch panel.
  • Learn to use classroom technology through short videos or call 631-8778 to arrange a classroom tech tour.
  • Portable devices for checkout - see the list  - Inquire at 115 DeBartolo.
  • Cable TV - channels in Spanish, Italian, French, German, & Russian, plus SCOLA-4 (news from Asia)
  • Videocassette players are not provided or supported

Library services - www.library.nd.edu/help/faculty.shtml

File storage - https://oithelp.nd.edu/shared-file-space/

Additional services and information

  • Your ND website - http://www.nd.edu/~netid - publish course materials, professional info
  • Blog - request a WordPress blog through Agency ND
  • Class videotaping - you are entitled to three free tapings per semester
  • Training - class listings and printed documentation - register for classes using Endeavor
  • Software - learn how to download, purchase, and license a number of programs
  • Video conferencing - schedule a facility
  • Scantron ($$) - purchase forms, drop-off completed tests, and pick-up results in 301 O'Shaughnessy
  • Turnitin - plagiarism detection service - individual subscriptions can be provided to faculty members
  • Fighting Irish Digital Media – studio time can be made available, and video recorded