Sources of Evidence for the Evaluation of Teaching

To assist you in responding to Evaluating a Faculty Member’s Teaching: ACPET Guidelines for Preparing a Case for Renewal/Tenure/Promotion, the Kaneb Center has gathered information about, and examples of, types of evidence. This information is organized according to the four elements identified in Section B of the Guidelines.

Please contact the Kaneb Center (631-9146 or kaneb@nd.edu) if you would like to discuss how you can use these guidelines to prepare your promotion packet or to prepare the CAP's teaching report. 

By policy, the Kaneb Center will not participate in or contribute to summative decisions regarding the quality of an instructor's teaching.

Course Design

  1. Are the learning goals for the course meaningful and clearly articulated?
  2. Is the course design rigorous, current, relevant to students’ needs, and where appropriate, consonant with the program’s curricular requirements?


  1. Does the faculty member create a stimulating environment that is conducive to learning and effective in the use of students’ time?
  2. Are students being inspired and encouraged to think analytically and creatively, and to develop knowledge, skills, and habits of mind appropriate to the discipline?

Evaluation of Student Work

  1. Does the faculty member employ reliable balanced approaches for assessing a student’s achievement of the course learning goals?
  2. Does the faculty member set high expectations for student performance, provide students with helpful feedback throughout the course, and apply appropriate standards when evaluating student work?

Student Perceptions

  1. Do the students perceive themselves to be well taught by the faculty member?
  2. Are the students more than satisfied with their learning experience in the course?