Advanced Teaching Scholar Certificate

The Kaneb Center is excited to offer the Advanced Teaching Scholar program to graduate students and postdocs who have completed the Striving for Excellence in Teaching Certificate. Advanced Teaching Scholars must attend five additional teaching workshops and carry out a significant teaching project with Kaneb staff or departmental faculty consultation. The projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a teaching portfolio for the academic job market, with consultation on a teaching philosophy and a CIF (Course Instructor Feedback) review to improve your teaching.
  • Implementing a new teaching strategy into your classroom or lab (e.g. inquiry-based learning instead of lecture,) and assessing the strategy.
  • Improving your lecture or discussion with a classroom visit, videotaping, and a mid-semester evaluation.
  • A mentored teaching experience with a professor in your department.
  • A pedagogical analysis about how students learn best in your classroom.
  • Designing a course with a detailed course syllabus that includes sample assignments/quizzes/exams, grading rubrics/guidelines, and student evaluations of teaching
  • Implementing a classroom technology project (e.g. incorporating blogs, wikis, or clickers) and assessing its effectiveness.
  • Other, needs approval.

These experiences should incorporate advanced teaching skills or experiences, and last one half to a full semester. Before you begin your project, please submit a brief (200 words) description of the project including deliverables for approval. Discuss the goals and strategies that will be used, and how this implementation will help you achieve your course goals or career goals. At the completion of the project, please submit a final report (500 words) summarizing your project, restating your goals and strategies and whether your goals were met along with your project deliverables. For more information or to submit your final report, contact

Teaching Certificate Programs in Biological Sciences

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