Kaneb Center Advanced Teaching Scholars

Date of Achievement Name Department
December 2019 Mai Ha Linh Nguyen Economics
October 2019 Christianos Burlotos Engineering
September 2019 Shanna Corner Global Religion Research Initiative
July 2019 Garrett FitzGerald Political Science & Peace Studies
June 2019 Abdul Al Jumaily MBA Mendoza College of Business
February 2019 Joshua Siva Computer Science and Engineering
November 2018 Gerardo Silva Electrical Engineering
October 2018 Trung Ly Economics
September 2018 Annette Trierweiler Biological Sciences
August 2018 Colleen Mitchell Political Science
July 2018 Raymond Drause History
May 2018 Thao Nguyen CSLC
May 2018 Clyde Daly Chemistry and Biochemistry
May 2018 Sean Braniff Political Science
April 2018 Sidney Simpson Political Science
April 2018 Indrajith Nissanka Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
Dec. 2017 Ben Wetzel History
Nov. 2017 Sara Esfahani Economics
Sept. 2017 Robert Miller Psychology
Sept. 2017 Jian Xu Computer Science & Engineering
Sept. 2017 Lucía Tiscornia Political Science
Sept. 2017 Linda Kawentel Sociology
Sept. 2017 Jeehoon Han Economics
May 2017 Philip Byers History
Mar. 2017 Brian Stoyell-Mulholland Mathematics
Dec. 2016 Ji Eun Kim Political Science
Aug. 2016 Lori Molinari Political Science
July 2016 Karrie Fuller English
June 2016 Kathryn Boehlefeld Political Science
June 2016 Jessica Blaxton Psychology
June 2016 Megan Hall English
June 2016 Daniel Immerman Philosophy
May 2016 Javier LanaoCamara Philosophy
Jan. 2016 Keith Feldman Engineering
Dec. 2015 Sean Ryan Biological Sciences
Oct. 2015 Alexander Diaz-Lopez Mathematics
Sep. 2015 Allison Edgren History
Aug. 2015 Bryant Crubaugh Sociology
June 2015 Paul Johns Chemistry and Biochemistry
June 2015 Deborah Forteza Literature
May 2015 Jeffrey Christians Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
May 2015 Nathaniel Myers English
Mar. 2015 Christopher Weaver Political Science
Feb. 2015 Sandra Botero Political Science
Jan. 2015 Kelly Kuznicki Psychology
Jan. 2015 Betty Weiye Chen Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Sep. 2014 Andre Audette Political Science
June 2014 Christine Texeira English
May 2014 Robert Lester Economics
May 2014 Courtney Wiersema History
Feb. 2014 Jeremiah Castle Political Science
Dec. 2013 Hannah Zdansky Literature
Oct. 2013 Gregory Shufeldt Political Science
Aug. 2013 Nicole Kroeger Mathematics
May 2013 Patrick Corbitt Kerr Civil Engineering & Geological Sciences
May 2013 Amy Buchmann Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Jan. 2013 Jeffrey Paone Computer Science and Engineering
Oct. 2012 Jeffrey Seymour Sociology
Sep. 2012 Sarah Schreiber Theology
Aug. 2012 Lucrecia GarciaIommi Political Science
June 2012 Joshua Bandoch Political Science
June 2012 Melissa Dinsman Literature
Dec. 2011 Andrew Bramsen Political Science
July 2011 Connie Slaboch Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
June 2011 Eric Shuler History
May 2011 Richard Maass Political Science
May 2011 Mary Wagner Fuhs Psychology
Feb. 2011 Laura Kinnaman Physics
Feb. 2011 Ellen Childs Sociology
Jan. 2011 Charles Penninger Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Dec. 2010 Michael Strand Sociology
June 2010 Carrie Miller Chemistry
May 2010 Sheila Nowinski History
Nov. 2007 Todd Hanneken Theology
May 2007 Heather Reilly Biological Sciences