Notre Dame ePortfolio Engagement Program (NDeEP)

We administer and lead the University's ePortfolio Initiative to provide a platform, resources, expertise, and support to serve college, program, and course level implementations.

Through assessment planning, instructional design, support and training consultations we strive to promote integrative and engaged learning and more authentic assessment.

1. What is an ePortfolio?

A personal, educational, and professional website that functions as a workspace and showcase to collect, select, reflect, link, and publish the story of an individual's experience, knowledge, skills, and dispositions as multimedia evidence.

2. Why should you build and maintain an ePortfolio?

  • To learn hands on about the power of ePortfolio technology and possibilities for your students.
  • Attach your faculty ePortfolio to your official department page will allow you to keep your bio, CV, etc. current.
  • An ePortfolio with your latest teaching and research work makes it easier for others to connect and collaborate with you.
  • Your faculty ePortfolio can be a place to keep you organized for tenure review or your own professional/personal development.

3.  How to build an ePortfolio?

Follow the Quick Start Guide to set up your profile and create an ePortfolio.

4. Where to find help.

Learn more about ePortfolios at or set up a consultation with the Associate Program Director of ePortfolio Assessment: G. Alex Ambrose