GRED 60601

Preparing for an Academic Career in Physics, Math, and Engineering (1 cr.)
CRN 1177
07/08-07/11 TWRF 09:00a - 12:00p
Philippe A. Collon, Physics

This course will cover major issues in teaching and career development for students in science, mathematics, and engineering.
Topics to be discussed include:
(1) Preparing for an academic career
(2) Finding academic employment
(3) How academia works: postdocs, networking, publishing, and tenure
(4) Teaching science, mathematics, and engineering at a university
(5) Course and syllabus design
(6) How to engage students in the classroom
(7) How to gauge student learning
(8) Balancing teaching and research
Students will be expected to give a short presentation on a topic of their choice within their own disciplines.