GRED 60610

How to Teach Effectively and Prepare for an Academic Career in the Humanities & Social Sciences (1 cr.)
CRN 2282
Joseph P. Wawrykow, Theology
06/02-06/06 MTRF 1:00p - 4:00p

There are a number of issues relating to the culture of academic life that are typically left unaddressed in formal course work and degree programs, but which are of concern for those who plan to spend their careers in academic life. This course introduces doctoral students, especially those in the humanities and social sciences, to a number of these in an effort to promote professional development. This course is built around four major areas:

(1) Academic positions and expectations
(2) Teaching and teaching skills
(3) Research
(4) Service

We will explore a wide range of topics for each of these areas, including the preparation of a C.V., an explanation of the tenure process, syllabus construction, the use of technology in teaching, setting up a research agenda, participation in professional societies, external grants, citizenship in the university and society, and principles for a successful career. This course emphasizes the practical requirements of the professor. It is designed for those on the job market, but is open to any who want to learn about the requirements of academia.