Guidelines: Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards

Each department may award up to 5% of the total number of unique individual graduate student teachers/TAs for the 2013-2014 academic year. Graduate Students who served in multiple semesters count as one unique individual. The cap of 5% need not be filled every year. Nominees should have taught or played an instructional role in the Fall or Spring semesters of that academic year (or in the calendar year, if the department prefers). Since a graduate student teacher/TA can have more than one role in the classroom, we will accept more than one nomination for the same student during his or her tenure at Notre Dame. The nomination letter and form are sent to both the chair and the director of graduate studies in your department by end of February. Every graduate student nominated by the department will receive an award, thus the Kaneb Center encourages the nomination of only truly excellent candidates.

2014 Nomination Form

Suggested Criteria for Your Selection (only the nomination form needs to be sent to the Kaneb Center):
• Demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching
• Taught or held a teaching-related position for at least 2 semesters
• Student evaluations (CIFs, unofficial evaluations, or student letters)
• Faculty recommendation letters
• Personal teaching statement from the applicant
• Observation of classroom teaching by a faculty mentor

Please Send Nomination Forms to:
Kaneb Center
Attn: Outstanding Grad Student Teaching Awards
353 DeBartolo Hall