Kaneb Center Faculty Fellows

Each year, exemplary teachers are selected to share strategies, insights, and techniques that have made them award-winning teachers. They share their experiences through Kaneb Center workshops, discussion groups, research, and individual consultations.

2020-2021 Fellows

2019-2020 Fellows

2018-2019 Fellows

2017-2018 Fellows

2016-2017 Fellows

2015-2016 Fellows

2014-2015 Fellows

2013-2014 Fellows

2012-2013 Fellows

2011-2012 Fellows

2010-2011 Fellows

2009-2010 Fellows

2008-2009 Fellows

2007-2008 Fellows

  • James Collins, Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre
  • Jesus Izaguirre, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Christopher Kolda, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Thomas Kselman, Professor of History
  • Gary Lamberti, Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Christian Moevs, Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Elizabeth Moore, Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Siiri Scott, Associate Professional Specialist, Film, Television, and Theatre

2006-2007 Fellows

  • Gail Bederman, Associate Professor of History
  • Paul Helquist, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Alex A. Himonas, Professor of Mathematics
  • Jim A. McAdams, Professor of Political Science
  • Paul McDowell, Associate Professional Specialist, Romance Languages & Lit.
  • Patrick Murphy, Professor of Marketing
  • Joseph M. Powers, Associate Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
  • Carolyn Plummer, Associate Professor of Music

2005-2006 Fellows

  • Seth N. Brown, Associate Professor Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Margaret Dobrowolska-Furdyna, Professor & Assistant Chair of Physics
  • Gary M. Gutting, Professor of Philosophy
  • Michael H. Morris, Professor of Accountancy
  • Carolyn R. Nordstrom, Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Katherine O'Brien-O'Keeffe, Professor of English
  • Wolfgang Porod, Professor Electrical Engineering
  • Joannes Westerink, Professor Civil Engineering & Geological Sciences

2004-2005 Fellows

  • Matt Bloom, Associate Professor of Management
  • Frank Connolly, Professor of Mathematics
  • Larry Cunningham, John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology
  • Patrick Flynn, Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Sonia Gernes, Professor of English
  • Meredith Gill, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Dennis Jacobs, Professor of Chemistry
  • George Lopez, Senior Fellow and Director of Policy Studies, Kroc Institute

2003-2004 Fellows

  • Sunny Boyd, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Theodore Cachey Jr., Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Barry Keating, Professor of Finance
  • Patricia Maurice, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
  • James McKenna, Professor of Anthropology
  • William Ramsey, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Randal Ruchti, Professor of Physics
  • Joel Urbany, Professor of Marketing

2002-2003 Fellows

  • Rudolph S. Bottei, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Laura Carlson, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Cornelius F. Delaney, Professor of Philosophy
  • JoAnn DellaNeva, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • David R. Hyde, Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Lawrence C. Marsh, Professor of Economics
  • Kenneth W. Milani, Professor of Accountancy
  • Steven R. Schmid, Associate Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering