Anita Kelly



Anita E. Kelly is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. She is author of the book, The Psychology of Secrets, and has written a number of scientific articles on secrecy, self-presentation, and self-concept change. Her work on secrecy has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and Glamour and Health magazines. She received a B.S. from Northwestern University in 1986 and a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Florida in 1991. Professor Kelly became licensed to practice psychology in 1993 while serving as an assistant professor at Iowa State University, where she was awarded Outstanding Faculty Member for teaching. She has been at Notre Dame since 1994 and won a Kaneb teaching award in 2002. Her teaching philosophy centers around helping students see that they ultimately can advance knowledge, as opposed solely to applying it, with their insights and research contributions.