Jamie O'Brien



Jamie O’Brien (’88 and ’93) is a Full Teaching Professor in the Mendoza College of Business.  He began teaching in the fall of 1990 as an adjunct instructor with the Accountancy Department at the age of twenty-four (24) when he entered the Notre Dame Law School as a first year law student. 

Over the past twenty-three (23) years, O’Brien, a CPA and an Attorney, has taught undergraduate business students; traditional MBA students; Executive MBA students; Masters of Non-Profit Administration students; and Graduate Accountancy students.  His classes have included Principles of Accounting; Intermediate Accounting; Advanced Accounting; Tax; Business Law; NonProfit Legal Environment; Advanced Business Law; Business Law for Managers; and Law for Executives.  O’Brien’s teaching has also included instruction as adjunct instructor for accounting and tax courses with Saint Mary’s College and IUPUI.

O’Brien serves the Business School as:  the Assistant Chair of the Accountancy Department; a representative of the Accountancy Curriculum Committee; the CPA qualification advisor; a VITA coordinator; and a representative of the College Council.

Jamie has been recognized with various teaching awards including:  (i)  2004 Recipient of the Teaching Award for the MSA program; (ii) 2007 Recipient of the BP Teaching Award; (iii) 2010 Recipient of the Outstanding Professor Award MS Accountancy program; and (iv) 2010 Recipient of the Joyce Undergraduate Teaching Award.

O’Brien was also recognized by Governor Daniels in 2006 as a recipient of the Distinguished Hoosier Award.