Sylwia Ptasinska

Sylwia Ptasinska, Associate Professor of Physics, joined the University of Notre Dame in 2010 as a faculty member of the Radiation Laboratory and the Department of Physics to pursue two passions: her love for interdisciplinary research and her love for teaching.

Dr. Ptasinska has a master degree in Physics from Maria Curie-Sklodowska Univeristy, Lublin, Poland and a Ph.D. in Physics from Leopold-Franzens University, Innsbruck, Austria. 

Kaneb Ptasinska Photo

Her lab research team performs a wide range of studies on low-energy electron effects on biomolecules, interfacial processes on semiconductor electrodes for solar cells, and plasma physics and chemistry. Though their experimental investigations they address fundamental questions. Their goal is to apply this research in areas such as energy, medicine, and industry.

Sylwia enjoys teaching undergraduate courses from general physics to more specialized courses like biological physics. She was awarded the College of Science Teaching Initiative grant in 2014 and the Reverend Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in 2019.


Contact Information

Department of Physics
311 Nieuwland Science Hall
Phone: (574)631-2819