Teaching Statistics

Teaching Statistics (2002-2003)

The ND-Stats-Group includes faculty from the social sciences, business, engineering, mathematics and the sciences including bio-statistics. Notre Dame does not have a statistics department. The ND-Stats-Group was created to try to bring the teachers of statistics together.


  • The group posts information for use by the University community on the I drive, public folder called "teach stats."
  • The group has met consistently, twice a month, on Mondays or Tuesdays to hear and discuss presentations from group member with respect to statistics, especially with respect to everyday life.
  • The group invited two speakers to campus fall 2002 - Martha Aliaga, December 11, Arnold Zellner, December 9.
  • The group has also planned at least one speaker for the spring '03 semester.

Facilitator: Larry Marsh - Associate Professor, Economics