Notre Dame National Carnegie Scholars

  • Harvey Bender (2000-2001)
  • Todd Whitmore (2000-2001)
  • Dennis Jacobs (1999-2000)


  • Scientific Literacy among Non-majors in a Human Genetics Course: Connecting the Pedagogy of Engagement (Science as a way of “doing”) with the Philosophy of Learning (Science as a way of “knowing”)

    Principal Investigator:
    • Harvey Bender, Professor
      Biological Sciences
      University of Notre Dame
  • Teaching and Learning Practical Reasoning at Catholic Colleges and Universities

    Principal Investigator:
    • Todd Whitmore
      Associate Professor, Theology
      University of Notre Dame


  • Cooperative Learning in a Large Introductory Chemistry Course

    Principal Investigator:
    • Dennis Jacobs
      Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      University of Notre Dame
  • My project as a Carnegie Scholar has been to examine the impact of incorporating cooperative learning strategies in a large section (> 200 students) of General Chemistry. My investigation of this course centers on the following questions:
    • What impact do cooperative learning activities have on the conceptual understanding, problem-solving ability, and self-confidence developed by students?
    • What factors place students at greatest risk for doing poorly in General Chemistry?
    • What design elements of cooperative learning activities are most successful in stimulating meaningful group discussion, promoting deeper conceptual understanding, and developing problem-solving skills?
    • Are students more successful in their later college years if they have experienced cooperative learning approaches in their first year?
  • To address these questions, I am gathering and analyzing many types of evidence:
    • Exam performance for students enrolled in traditional vs. cooperative-learning sections of General Chemistry
    • Attitudinal surveys measure student perceptions about the subject of chemistry and how students believe they learn best.
    • Focus Groups attended by students enrolled in traditional and cooperative learning sections
    • Videotapes of students involved in cooperative learning activities.
    • Longitudinal study of grades earned in advanced Science courses and choices of academic majors for students who completed General Chemistry.