Library Instruction

A Two-Year Study of the Effect of Course-Based Library Instruction on the Acquisition of Research Skills and the Development of Lifelong Learning Habits in the University 

Principal Investigators: Cyraina Johnson-Rouillier, Department of English and Linda Sharp, Hesburgh Library

Contacts: Cyraina Johnson-Roullier, and Linda A. Sharp,

This two-year study will investigate the extent to which course-based library instruction in the teaching of literature, specifically, a course entitled "Caribbean Voices" can help students to acquire basic research skills, and whether or not this can also encourage them to develop the habit of lifelong learning.  The data collected in the first year will be used to revise the course for the second year, so that through comparison, more accurate determinations about the efficacy of teaching practice in the course and the overall usefulness of course-based library instruction may be made.  The primary instrument for data collection is a survey that will question students about their research experiences, and their perceptions of research and of the library at important moments during the class.  In order to measure student acquisition of basic research skills, the investigators also intend to examine student work throughout the semester in order to see whether or not they master the skills the library modules in the class are designed to teach.  A scoring rubric will be developed for this purpose.  Investigators will administer approximately six surveys throughout the semester, and these will be interspersed evenly throughout that time.

Report (PDF)