2017 Tas

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards

Forty-seven graduate student teaching assistants have received 2016-2017 outstanding graduate student teaching awards. The awards are presented by the Graduate School and the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, and the recipients are selected by their departments.

Established in 1999, the outstanding graduate student teaching awards recognize graduate student instructors and TAs who demonstrate a commitment to exceptional teaching.

On April 12, 2017, Dr. Patrick Clauss, the director of First Year Writing and Rhetoric, addressed the recipients on their awards dinner, taking inspiration from his 27 years on teaching. He adapted the familiar maxim to share that “They may forget what you say, but not how you make them feel about your discipline.” He explained how enthusiasm for one’s discipline is contagious, with illustrations drawing on his past college instructors, his own teaching, and his children. Dr. Clauss advised the recipients to share with students their stories of how they became excited about their own disciplines. Laura Carlson, Dean of the Graduate School; Kevin Barry, Director of the Kaneb Center; and Kristi Rudenga, Assistant Director of the Kaneb Center, presented recipients with their awards.

Clauss Kaneb Awards Talk April 2017 (PDF, 109k)

The Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award recipients for 2016-2017 are:

2017 Ta Award Clauss

  • Kyle Aleshire, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Antonios Anastasopoulos, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Paul Blaschko, Philosophy

  • Jacqueline Cipressi (Gianino), Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Shanna Corner, Sociology

  • Tyler Curtis, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

  • Justin DeBenedetto, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Robert Devine, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Anna Fett, Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies

  • Erin Franks, Biological Sciences

  • Maj-Britt Frenze, Medieval Studies

  • Ian Gerdon, University Writing Program.

  • Maria Glenski, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Mary Glover, Biological Sciences

  • Nayara Gomes de Aguiar, Electrical Engineering

  • Eva Gulotty, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Samuel Henderson, Physics

  • Christina Horr, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics

  • John Izzo, Classics

  • Phillip Jedlovec, Mathematics

  • Abigail Jorgensen, University Writing Center

  • Suzanna Krivulskaya, History

  • Maria Krug, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Doan Le, Mathematics

  • Laura Lemna, Art, Art History, and Design

  • Joshua Mason, Biological Sciences

  • Ronald Mau, Economics

  • Christina McDonnell, Psychology

  • Steven McDowell, Political Science

  • Joshua McManaway, Theology

  • Prateek Mehta, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Kurt Milberger, English

  • Robert Miller, Psychology

  • Dan Murphy, English

  • Joshua Noble, Theology

  • Katherine O'Reilly, Biological Sciences

  • Jacob Petersen, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Anna Petrin, Theology

  • Bailey Pittenger, Creative Writing

  • Santiago Quintero, Romance Languages and Literature

  • Craig Reingold, Physics

  • Michael Rubbelke, Theology

  • Mallika Sarma, Anthropology

  • Maggie Shum, Political Science

  • Sarah Snider, English

  • Kasey Stanton, Psychology

  • David Turner, Chemistry and Biochemistry