Teaching Development Support

The Joe and Gina Prochaska Family Endowment for Excellence funds faculty participation in teaching development activities. 

“The over arching goal of this Fund is to make resources available to improve faculty members’ communication, presentation, and teaching skills, thereby helping hone, improve and enhance their pedagogy in the classroom. Specifically, funds will be used to support and aid faculty in learning about and using new instructional technologies and formats, and/or supporting faculty in attending conferences and workshops focused on pedagogy in their respective disciplines. Where appropriate, this could also include one-on-one coaching for faculty from qualified experts.”

Interested faculty members should submit a proposal, including the proposed activity and estimated budget, to Kevin.Barry@nd.edu. Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the available funds are encumbered.

Funding recipients will be expected to:

  • Participate in the approved teaching development activity.
  • Participate in a meeting with the Kaneb Center to explore possible changes to their teaching practice.
  • Submit a 250 to 500-word description of the experience and how participation in the activity has impacted, or will impact, their teaching.
  • Work with the Kaneb Center to assess the impact of adopted changes on student learning.

Teaching conferences eligible for funding include: 

Kennesaw State University maintains a directory of conferences that may be eligible. It can be searched by selecting a discipline or a Higher Education topic.

Funding of other activities with a focus on development of pedagogical expertise or communication/teaching skills will also be considered.