T.W.U.T. - Old Requirements

The information below was in effect through December 2013.
New requirements took effect in January 2014.

This program is designed to provide knowledgeable guidance on strategies for effective use of technology in the classroom and the practical skills needed to use technological tools. Those seeking certification must do the following (not necessarily in this order):

Attend workshops

  1. The daylong seminar, “Teaching Well Using Technology” or a comparable event.
    NOTE: this event is presented only once a year at Notre Dame.
  2. Two Kaneb Center presentations on teaching and learning with technology.
  3. Two OIT hands-on technology workshops. A single workshop longer than two hours is also acceptable.
    1. Workshop schedules are in the "Discover IT" brochure on the OIT training web page
      NOTE: the OIT waives workshop charges for students and faculty
    2. Appropriate topics may include PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, and Excel

Complete a project

  1. Optional, but encouraged: meet with a Kaneb Center staff member to discuss project ideas.
  2. Submit a description (200 words) ahead of time for approval
    • List a learning goal for the course, which you expect to be affected by use of technology.
    • Describe the technology that will be used. Students should have more than a passive role; a set of basic presentation slides will not suffice.
    • Explain how you expect technology to help achieve the goal.
  3. Conduct the project in a class where you teach or are a TA. If that is not feasible, you may develop a project for a proposed class.
    • You may call upon the Learning Technology Lab or other resources to help develop materials requiring extraordinary time or expertise.
  4. Submit a report (500 words)
    • Summarize the project and restate the expectations
    • Describe indicators of the impact of technology on learning goals.

Please note:

  • Requirements may be completed over multiple semesters.
  • Each workshop you attend can count for only one Kaneb Center certification program.
  • None of the workshops is credit-bearing.
  • Individuals NOT seeking certification are still welcome to attend the workshops.