Beginning to Write a Teaching Statement

Beginning to Write a Teaching Statement


Each person's statement or philosophy is unique, and there are various reasons for writing one. Resources are provided in this workshop, along with hands-on activities to help you will begin to collect your thoughts and decide what should go into your particular statement.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • list components that can be included in a teaching statement.
  • begin writing a teaching statement.

What to Bring:

It's not necessary, but if you have an existing statement (even a rough draft) feel free to bring it along.


Handout prepared by Chris Clark (ND only)

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement (ND only)

In the Library:

Teaching with Style. Anthony Grasha.
LB 2331 .G73 1996

The Skillful Teacher. Stephen Brookfield.
LB 2331 .B68 2006

Tools for Teaching. Barbara Gross Davis.
LB 2331 .D37 2001

Online Resources:



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