Conducting Tutorials in Science and Engineering

Conducting Tutorials in Science and Engineering


A panel of graduate students with experience in conducting lab sections and tutorials will share advice and anecdotes regarding classroom experiences. Each panelist will contribute their ideas to the group, followed by an informal question and answer session. Whether you’re a first-time TA or an experienced TA looking to compare notes and share experiences, this gathering will put tutorials in a new light.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • know what is generally expected of lab/recitation TAs, and where to get more information and help.
  • be able to adequately prepare for laboratory/recitations sections of science/engineering courses in a timely manner.

What to Bring:

Any specific questions related to conducting recitations or lab sessions.



In the Library:


Online Resources:

The Craft of Effective Tutoring in Classroom Environment  (U of Canterbury)


Can apply toward these graduate student/postdoc certificates:

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