Designing Digital Media Assignments


Have you ever considered a digital media assignment - such as a video, academic poster, or sound recording - as an alternative to written work? Perhaps you are hesitating because you're not sure how to design or evaluate such a project. This session will provide the resources, tools, support and time to get started. Short descriptions of some successful projects will be followed by advice on design and evaluation. Finally, you will have time to begin designing your own project.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify potential digital media assignments
  • Design and evaluate a digital media assignment

What to Bring:

A rough idea for a digital media assignment. Look here for ideas - ds106 Assignments:An anthology of digital media projects


In the Library:

  • Joe Lambert - Digital storytelling: capturing lives, creating community
  • Stevens and Levi - Introduction to Rubrics, 2nd Ed.

Online Resources:


Can apply toward these graduate student/postdoc certificates: