Enhancing Your Course with Free Web Tools

Enhancing Your Course with Free Web Tools


A web application is a program that is accessed using a web browser. Examples include YouTube, Google Maps, FaceBook, and Blogger. A majority of the applications are free for basic use and many college courses take advantage of them. This workshop will familiarize participants with a selection of free web applications, ways they are used in teaching, and resources for learning more.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • explain what a "web application" is.
  • name a number of web applications.
  • give examples of ways in which web applications can be used in teaching and learning.
  • identify a strategy to explore for possible use in a course.

What to Bring:




In the Library:

Web Teaching Guide : A Practical Approach To Creating Course Web Sites
Horton, Sarah.  TK 5105.888 .H67 2000

Online Resources:

Survey of Internet Applications for Enhancing University Courses (Ole Miss)


Can apply toward this graduate student/postdoc certificate:

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