Faculty First Friday Series: Critical Thinking

Faculty First Friday Series: Critical Thinking (Registration is for the 3-session series)


Challenging students to think logically and independently is not an easy task. In this workshop series you will practice and apply various methods for stimulating critical thinking in and out of the classroom.

Session One: 2/01/2013

In this interactive session you will identify ways to model critical thinking in your teaching and assist students in their development of critical thinking skills.  A brief introduction to critical thinking terms will be presented and featured faculty, Jessica Collett (Sociology), and Patrick Clauss (University Writing Program), will share their experiences and strategies for teaching critical thinking in their courses. You will then have an opportunity to begin developing plans for teaching critical thinking in your courses.

Session Two: 3/01/2013

In this working session you will bring your draft plans for teaching critical thinking in a course, and work individually and in groups to identify questions/concerns and share ideas with colleagues. Steven D. Brookfield, author of Teaching for Critical Thinking: Tools and Techniques to Help Students Question Their Assumptions, will join us via video conference to answer questions during the final half of the session. 

Session Three: 4/05/2013

In this session you will develop plans for the utilization-focused assessment of your efforts to teach critical thinking. Using that framework, or another that you have identified, you will describe criteria for success and develop/review your assignments and assessments for their effectiveness in promoting and measuring achievement of those criteria. 


Learning Goals:

  • Describe multiple frameworks for incorporating development of critical thinking in your teaching.
  • Identify best practices for developing critical thinkers;
  • Select methods, techniques, and approaches for helping students develop better critical thinking skills;
  • Identify criteria for success and plan assignments and assessments that will promote and measure achievement of those criteria.

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Stephen D. Brookfield Critical Incident Questionnaire Files


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