Five Strategies to Engage Today's Students


Learn how current research on Millennial learners can help you motivate these students in Five Strategies to Engage Today’s Students, a 90-minute audio online seminar with award-winning educator Dr. Christy Price.

Dr. Price will share research-based insights on the key traits of today’s students, to help you create more effective teaching and learning experiences through enhanced student engagement.

From 3 R’s to 5
Drawing from educational psychology and her own research, Dr. Price will show how to connect with millennial learners through her system of the 5 R’s.  Courses should employ:
Relevant learning for today’s students
Research-based approaches to instruction
Rationales for course outcomes, policies and assessments
Relaxed and participatory learning environments
Relational opportunities and rapport with professors.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Recognize characteristics of NextGen learners and how they affect learning
  • Identify environments supporting effective teaching and learning for today’s students
  • Compare learning environments at your institution with what works for NextGen learners
  • Examine your assignments and assessments in light of Millennial learners’ preferences
  • Assess your ability to connect with today’s students.

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