Learning Through Art at the Snite


     A visit to the Snite Museum of Art is an invitation to experience original works of art, make new discoveries, and engage with ideas.  Incorporating the resources of the Snite into your course can promote interdisciplinary dialogue, inquiry, and creativity in student learning. 

     During this session, participants will hear from three faculty members – Patrick Griffin (History), Julia Douthwaite (French), and Mark Beudert (Music) – who used works of art in diverse and creative ways to stimulate student learning.  Panelists will share their strategies and outcomes of their students’ experience in the museum.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore the Snite’s collections and brainstorm potential museum experiences relevant to their own teaching. 

     By emphasizing student learning, this session is designed to be applicable to any type of class from introductory university requirements to upper level content courses within a major and every type of course in between.  Each participant will receive a copy of the Snite’s Selected Works catalogue.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • understand the range of experiences possible at the Snite and their different impacts on student learning.

  • challenge common perceptions of class visits to the Snite by exploring museum experiences that are not art historical or tour-based.
  • conceptualize how your class might have a relevant discussion at the museum.

  • broaden knowledge of the resources available to you at the Snite.

What to Bring:




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