Reflections on Gender in Academia


This workshop will provide a context where faculty and graduate students can share experiences and concerns on gender relations at the university, and discuss specific questions: How does gender play a role in graduate school, in entering the job market and as a faculty member? Is gender an important factor in student and faculty experiences at Notre Dame? How can we create a more respectful, equal working environment for men and women, faculty and students alike, in the classroom?

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • identify information about gender issues at Notre Dame.
  • discuss university experiences in which gender played a part.
  • anticipate situations in which gender issues may arise in the classroom.

What to Bring:




In the Library:

Academic Identity : Place, Race, And Gender In Academia Or Is It Really All Academic?  Engvall, Robert P.
LB 2361.5 .E64 2003

Online Resources:



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