Teaching and Learning in Second Life


Online virtual worlds mimic features of the real world. In such worlds, multiple people interact using characters called avatars. A faculty learning community at Notre Dame has been exploring the virtual world "Second Life" since fall 2007, building small proof-of-concept projects that demonstrate how such an environment might enhance teaching and learning. This session will briefly demonstrate how Second Life works and show how universities are beginning to tap into its potential. Participants will be invited to attend a hands-on introductory session at a later date.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • describe Second Life to someone unfamiliar with it.
  • list possible applications of Second Life in teaching and learning.

What to Bring:



Handout prepared by Chris Clark (ND only)

In the Library:

Second Life for Dummies.  Sarah Robbins
GV 1469.25 .S425 R63 2008

Creating Your World.  Aimee Weber
GV 1469.25 .S425 W433 2008

Online Resources:

7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Worlds

Faculty Learning Community


Can apply toward this graduate student/postdoc certificate:

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