Teaching Portfolio Design Series


Teaching portfolios act as a means of productively preparing for the job market and a successful academic career by developing a scholarly approach to teaching, fostering habits of reflection and ongoing improvement, and providing rich, contextualized evidence of teaching and learning.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • describe the purposes of teaching portfolios.
  • identify components of a teaching portfolio and draft a teaching philosophy statement.
  • identify sources of evidence and data for inclusion in a teaching portfolio.
  • determine how you might document and reflect on the knowledge and skills gained from your TA/teaching experience through developing a professional teaching portfolio.

What to Bring:



Common Teaching Goals, Consider your Audience, Metaphors for Learning and Teaching, and Quotations.

Teaching Activity Handout

Strengths and Weaknesses Chart

Reflecting Student Evaluations

In the Library:


Online Resources:

Teaching Portfolio Power Point


Can apply toward these graduate student/postdoc certificates:

  • None