Technology Tools for Learning and Teaching


There are many free web-based tools that can be incorporated into a course. This workshop will demonstrate several available tools, familiarize participants with ways they can be used to help students learn, and provide resources for learning more. These tools are slated to be shown, if time allows:

  1. SoundCloud - record and share sound
  2. Box - for sharing files
  3. Wordpress - as a course website
  4. - develop concept maps
  5. Popcorn Maker - make video mashups
  6. Wordle - create word clouds

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • List several technology tools.
  • Give examples of ways in which one or more of the tools could be used in a course
  • Identify a strategy to explore for possible use in a course.

What to Bring:

Imagination, ideas, questions, ...


In the Library:

John Seely Brown - A New Culture of Learning - LB 1028.3 .T456 2011 (Kaneb Center)

Online Resources:

  • NspireD2 - the ND Learning Technology Lab blog
  • - news about new websites and social networks


Can apply toward this graduate student/postdoc certificate:

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