Thomas P. Madden Award

The Thomas Madden Teaching Award was established by Father Theodore Hesburgh in 1962 when the First Year of Studies was instituted. The first award is intended to emphasize the importance of classroom instruction on the first year level, and it is presented each year to a professor for outstanding classroom teaching in a first year course.

Teachers of first year courses are nominated for the award by the first-year student. The award is determined by a panel of past winners.

For additional information, please contact First Year of Studies.

The first winner was Dr. Emil T. Hofman, 1962-63 academic year.


2020 Steven Corcelli
2019 Kerry Meyers
2018 Forrest Spence
2017 Elena Mangione-Lora
2016 Victoria E. Goodrich
2015 James A. Parise, Jr.
2014 Arthur Lim
2013 Brad Gregory
2012   Holly Goodson
2011 Louis Mackenzie, Paul Weithman
2010 Michael Hildreth
2009 Jeffrey Speaks
2008 Joseph A. Buttigieg and Dennis M. Snow
2007 Gary M. Gutting and Christopher F. Kolda
2006 Eileen Hunt Botting
2005 Alex A. Himonas
2004 Seth Brown
2003 Pit-Mann Wong
2002 Esther-Mirjam Sent
2001 James McAdams
2000 James J. McKenna
1999 William Ramsey
1998 Michael J. Chetcuti and Dennis C. Jacobs
1997 Rev. Robert A. Kreig, C.S.C.
1996 Rudolph S. Bottei
1995 Alexander J. Hahn
1994 Irwin Press
1993 Xavier Creary
1992 Lawrence Njoroge
1991 Linda-Margaret Hunt and Rev. George Minamiki, S.J.
1990 Randal C. Ruchti
1989 Wilson D. Miscamble
1988 James T. Burtchaell
1987 Thomas Morris
1986 Terence J. Akai
1985 Alan Howard
1984 Richard Foley
1983 Thomas R. Swartz
1982 Michael J. Francis
1981 Barth Pollak
1980 Walter Gajda Jr.
1979 Michael Loux
1978 John E. Derwent
1977 Donald W. Kline
1976 David W. Morgan
1975 Donald C. Sniegowski
1974 Rev. Thomas E. Blantz, C.S.C. and Cornelius F. Delaney
1973 Frank J. Bonello
1972 Mr. Lee Daniel
1971 Kraig Adler
1970 Archie J. MacAlpin
1969 Milko Jeglic and James L. Massey
1968 Bernard P. Norling
1967 Darwin J. Mead
1966 Robert A. Leader
1965 Rev. John C. Burke, C.S.C. and Robert L. Anthony
1964 Robert E. Christin
1963 Emil T. Hofman