Reading Groups

Thank you for your interest in our reading groups. We have suspended the reading groups for the 2020 fall semester. Please check back later.

The Kaneb Center purchases books on teaching and learning in higher education for small informal reading groups. This service is available to faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and postdoctoral scholars.

1. Select a Book

Work with your group to choose a book from the list below or propose another title. If you propose another title contact for approval prior to step 2.
2. Plan Meetings Contact the group to determine specific reading goals and arrange meetings. You may meet several times with specific reading goals or once upon completion of the book. We recommend 2 to 4 meetings.

3. Sign Up

Contact with the participating group members' ND email addresses. We will purchase and distribute the books.

4. Read and Discuss

Meet to discuss the book as planned in step 2.

5. Submit

Upon completion, you provide a short summary (1-page or less) of the group's impressions of the book.

Recommended Books