Gathering Student Feedback

The Kaneb Center is happy to work with you to administer an early-semester student feedback survey using Qualtrics. We will conduct the survey using a personalized email invitation (with one reminder) to your students. When the survey closes, we will generate a report containing anonymous aggregate data of student responses. Ideally, evaluations will be administered between the fourth and sixth week in the semester to enable you to make adjustments in time to make a difference for your current students.

To arrange a survey send the following items to at least 2 business days (1-week preferred) before you would like the survey to open.

  • The name of your course.
  • A list of questions that we will review and send back with suggestions, if any. The Gathering Early-Semester Student Feedback workshop handout contains samples (real, not perfect) of questions.
  • ​An excel file of your class roster (downloadable from online photo). You can either send the entire roster or, if you prefer, delete all columns except First Name and Email.
  • A distribution date and time.
  • The number of days you would like the survey to remain open.
    • We recommend 3 days with the reminder sent 1 day before the survey closes.

For more information visit the Gathering Early-Semester Student Feedback workshop information page.